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*ugly: the collection

*ugly: the collection


*I believe that we have to change the way we look at beauty and what we define as beautiful.


The collection focused on the Haute Couture / luxury sector. Each piece took a long time to produce, with a great deal of time and effort spent on details and perfecting each sample to create a piece of art. It is a Fall / Winter Collection designed specifically for women over 65 years old. The collection is playful and the material research allowed the use of unusual materials for knit wear including liquid latex and prefabricated latex fabric, laser cut perspex, as well as more established materials such as merino wool and lycra. Sequins were used as decoration, most of them with a special finish such as being hand painted with latex or with inserted human hair. Most of the yarn was self made with three different techniques such as rope twisting, on a cording machine and on a brother knitting machine, which allowed very chunky and heavy samples. The colour palette was a range from white to black, dark forest green and pale pink.

Work in progress pictures can be found on my Instagram.


A huge thank you to: 

Biella Yarn, Südwolle for the yarn sponsorship.

Mikael Blomfelt for the images of this photoshoot and help in general.

Stina Lyon and Rosie Baker for being amazing models.

Rihannon Davies for her constant motivation, aiding with the yarn production and help in general.

Johannes Warnke for his help with the latex t-shirt and yarn production.

Miranda Balfe for her help with the embroidery.

Gabriel Foucaud for his help with the production.