Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...


The knitwear is based on characters from a fairytale that I have written. Defining characteristics are transformed into materials, colour palettes and forms, maintaining a feeling of surreality, wonder and kitsch. The pieces also investigate the often simplified fairytale depictions and compare them with the varied and more complex reality. The colours I use come from the clichèd bright shades of pink of the fairytale flamingo, which are a stark contrast to the large palette of pinks, reds and orange that the bird actually boasts. I combined this with the beautiful green often found on trousers of Dwarfs. Fairytales are also a rich source of texture and material, the furry coat of the fox and the rubbery plastic scales of the mermaid being two examples. Most of the yarn was self-produced, such as the plastic yarn made out of Forever21 plastic bags. I envisioned a fashion fall / winter collection with very chunky fabric for menswear. The cardigan is oversized so the unusual material won't restrict the human body in any way. 


Work in progress pictures can be found on my Instagram.


Photographer: Mikael Blomfelt gallery of his work

Model: Henrik Blomfelt